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January 27th, 2011

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October 7th, 2010

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Also my journal is hilariously purple now!


Oh my god, I'm blogging

I got a new job. I am both very excited and very nervous. And also feeling... I'm not sure the right word for it. Doubtful?

A lot of my friends stepped up as references for me to get this job, and for that I am eternally grateful to them. But of course, that one, tiny, niggling little voice at the back of my mind whispers That's the only reason you got this job. You're totally not qualified, and you're totally screwed~

I can only hope that I am actually able to step up and do everything they ask once I start. The last thing I want to do is make my friends look like liars D:

I'm also sitting here, staring at the mostly-finished art test I've been working on for another job. It's so very close to being complete, and I DO want to finish it, but now that I have another job lined up, I simply have no motivation to sit down and work on it. It mocks me, standing in the way of all the other art I could be doing for fun, that I don't want to do before I finish the test. I need to buckle down and complete it, but... Ugh. So not fun. It doesn't help that I've been staring at it so long by this point that it just looks like complete rubbish to me now.

Also, I remain totally horrible with words. It doesn't matter who I'm talking to, or what about, I can never think of the right thing to say. I am language fail.

Anyway. Whew. I haven't written a proper blog post in ages. Kind of nice. Maybe I'll do it again some time.

April 19th, 2010

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1. Finish last print
2. Following Fixes:
- Ivy: Border
- Chesh: None.
- Kamina: Head width(?)
- Harley: Hip. Remove texture.
- Tali: Bracer. Adjust shading(?)
- Ezio: Add "A" and numbers.
- Kick Ass: None.
- Gambit: TBA.
3. Apply appropriate text to the Cheshire Cat and Tali'zorah prints (Tomorrow!)
4. Fix Rylie, Harmony & Persona 3 images for printing.
(Am sad that the Harmony piece won't work, but everything else is aces!)

Once these are done, rejoice! You will be ready!

April 3rd, 2010

(no subject)

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The Cinders district of Tamrin City was a foul place. All of the citizens on the outside avoided coming anywhere near it if they could. In the Cinders, all manner of filth and grime caked what had once been clean cobblestone streets, overflowing gutters now completely useless. Fine buildings had been reduced to ramshackles, leaning and caving in illogical directions. The destitute and lawless shared their dwellings with rats and roaches and everyone did their best to ignore the smell. The Cinders were separated from the rest of the city by a low wall of patchwork brick, wood and dirt- In effect, it was useless at keeping anyone determined from getting in or out. It was more a reminder, a big red flag that yelled "If you cross this line you'd best be armed to the teeth an unbothered by things wretched and slimey." The only real inhabitants of the Cinders were thugs and theives and no decent person in their right mind would travel through there unless there were no other alternative.

The Red Spider, despite full knowledge of the area and also being in a state one could arguably call his 'right mind,' climbed nimbly up one of these walls and stood on the precipice of the Cinders, gasping for breath through the scarlet mask that covered the lower half of his face. He could hear the shouting of the city guards as they closed in on him. Wiping sweat from his brow and tugging at the drawstring of the loaded pouch at his hip to make sure it was closed, Spider stared sullenly into the unlit streets beyond the wall. He really didn't want to go in there. The smell was already atrocious, even through the mask. And dammit, he had just washed these clothes, too!

"Stop right there!" Spider glanced back over his shoulder to see the first of the guards aiming a rather large crossbow at him. "Don't you move a damn muscle, you slippery bastard."

Damn, the gits were getting quicker. "Alright, alright," Spider said, raising his arms. As several more guards joined the first he began to turn around, very carefully, atop the unsteady bricks of the wall, sending down clouds of crusty dirt. Their crossbows all came up to take aim at his chest. "Well done, my good fellows. You finally managed to catch me. Even I'm not crazy enough to go in there." He jerked a thumb behind him at the Cinders.

"That's odd, I'd've thought you'd feel right cosy among the insects and lowlifes," quipped the great, solid brick of a man known as Corporal Mondoux as he sauntered out from among the assembly of guards, keeping his crossbow aimed steadily at the precariously perched prowler. Spider narrowed his eyes indignantly at the big man.

"You wound me! I will have you know," the thief lectured, pointing an accusatory finger, "that spiders are not -insects,- and I am not appreciative of your insinuation. I am nothing if not a gentleman." He gave a flourished bow from the waist, placing a hand on his heart and throwing the other back behind him, balancing expertly on the barrier. The shifting sounds of a great many crossbows at his sudden movement made him freeze mid-bend. He slowly raised himself back straight, keeping one hand on his breast.

"Yer as much a gentleman as my ol' Ma was a nun," Mondoux snorted. "Now hop on down here. We'd hate to have to shoot you backwards into the Cinders, and I'd hate to waste the time lookin' for ya. Gotta bring you back to get a nice medal or two, you know. The damn dreaded Red Spider." He spat.

"I find the mockery in your voice wholly inappropriate," Spider said flatly.

Mondoux grinned wickedly and continued, "Hell, most of the city will probably turn out to watch you swing. Though, then again..." He raised the crossbow level to his eye. "Maybe it'd be easier to let the rats dispose of ya."

"Now now! Let's not be rash about this, I-" the Spider pulled his hand away from his chest to hold it in front of himself. As he did, a tiny blue ball dropped from his palm. "-Oop!"

Half of the guards shifted their attention away from the Thief and down to the tiny orb. The Spider stared expectantly down at it was well. After several long moments of silence, the little ball made a weak, croaking noise, spun a bit and squeezed out a little fizzle of smoke before laying still in the dirt.

All eyes returned to Spider, who looked particularly flabberghasted. Mondoux started to chuckle as Spider lifted his gaze to look at the crowd of guards.

"Well shit," Spider said dejectedly, "that was going to be really great, too. Well, I w-"

And then, without warning, the little gadget sprang to life with a great, awful whine, erupting in a belch of grey smoke. Cries of shock sprang from the gathering and a couple of the more nervous guards loosed the bolts from their crossbows. One of them grazed through the air beside the Spider's cheek, another clipping his arm. Yelping in surprise and pain, the thief jumped sideways away from the shots. Tragically, the crumbling bricks of the wall chose then to decide that they had had quite enough of being trod upon, and began to shift and crumble beneath the weight of the thief. Spider swung his arms wilding to retain his balance, but it was to no avail as the bricks slid from beneath him and he was sent backwards over the wall.

Mondoux, who had been closest to the smoke ball, coughed into his sleeve as he peered through stinging eyes. "Goddamit!" He spun on the pack of disoriented guardsmen. "Get after him, you addlebrained idiots! Don't let him get away!"

A couple of the guards looked at each other, then dubiously at the wall. "NOW." Mondoux barked. A couple of them took a step or two forward, then halted as they weren't joined by their peers. One in the back piped up, "Sir, ain't that more a job for the Wasps?"

As the last of the smoke dissipated, Mondoux knuckled his watery eyes and glared furiously at his subordinates. "You bunch of jelly-spined, white-livered pantywaists!"

On the other side of the wall, Spider hit the ground hard on his back. The impact drove the air from his lungs and sent stars fluttering in his eyes. He laid there for several moments, waiting for the world to stop spinning and attempting to remember how to breathe.

"Well," he muttered to himself as he finally managed to suck in a few gasping breaths, "that certainly wasn't one of my finer escapes. Oh, yuck..." His hand landed in something distinctly oily and yeilding as he pushed himself up off the ground. Muttering curses, he got to his feet and listened. He could hear Mondoux yelling orders on the other side of the wall. Whether he could bully his troops to follow Spider into the Cinders was debatable, but the possibility was still there. Spider ran a quick mental checklist on himself; The graze on his arm stung a bit, his muscles ached from their abrupt meeting with the cobblestones and his lungs were still a little resistant to recieving any air, but nothing felt dislocated or broken. Even his head, despite throbbing a bit, was beginning to even out, much to his relief.

He glanced around quickly. There was little light in the Cinders. All of the street lamps had long been smashed - because what criminal preferred light to darkness? - and there were certainly no crews in the rest of the city willing to go in and fix them. The only real light came from the waxing moon overhead, which did little to pierce the gloom.

Spider stood, staring out into the bleakness, trying very hard not to breathe through his nose as he planned the best way to get back to the little place he called home. The shortest way would be to cut diagonally into the Cinders and take the drainage system through to the Stone Quarter. He shuddered at the thought. If the streets were disgusting, the drainage system was abhorrent. Years ago it had been built as a means to rehabilitate the Cinders by cleaning the streets, but due to the inherent danger of the area and the unwillingness of the Cinder's inhabitants, the project was never completed, and the drainage system was now no more than a series of dank, festering tunnels leading the the industrial areas of the Stone district into the Cinders.

February 2nd, 2010


This is me fangirling about Mass Effect, pay no mind.Collapse )

December 15th, 2009

Hero of Ferelden

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Too Much... Dragon Age...Collapse )
Shhh I'm totally working.

And man is armor is a pain in the arse to draw.

January 26th, 2009

Little Thoughts 01

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I wonder if there's a course on how to speak?
It would be a really useful course for me! I fumble over my words constantly.
Maybe a 'confidence in your speech' course?
Since I often substitute it for sarcasm. XD

January 1st, 2008

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So I have lost all ability to write an interesting and coherent essay. It all sounds like muddled junk now. Poorly written muddled junk.
I am, apparently, quite doomed.

September 2nd, 2007


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